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Por las ramas del laurel vi dos palomas oscuras. La una era el sol, la otra la luna. In the branches of the laurel tree I saw two dark doves One was the sun and one the moon İki karanlık güvercin gördümdefne dalları arasındaBiri güneşti,öteki ay «Vecinita», les dije, «¿dónde está mi sepultura?» «En miContinue reading “Lorca”


As soon as one man was recognized by another as a sentient, thinking Being, similar to himself, the desire or the need to communicate to him his sentiments and thoughts made him seek the means to do so. Bir insan başka biri tarafından hisseden, düşünen ve kendine benzeyen bir varlık olarak tanıdığı anda ona kendiContinue reading “Palamut”

The word is friendly

“Turkish is like English from England. You can tell from the way that somebody is speaking what social class they’re from, what region of the country they are from, and that’s it…  You can hear it in the speech and in certain grammatical constructions.  American English is also sort of like that.  It would beContinue reading “The word is friendly”

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