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The Wheel of Time

There must be a difference in what you saw… depending on whether you sought adventure or had it forced on you. Macerayı aradığınıza ya da buna zorlandığınıza bağlı olarak, olayları nasıl gördüğünüz konusunda fark olmalıydı. -Robert Jordan, The Eye of the World / Dünyanın Gözü Çeviren: Niran Elçi

Party overtures

from Swann’s Way: In Search of Lost Time, vol 1, Marcel Proust: …that deceptive joy given to us by some friend, some relative of the woman we love when, arriving at the house or theater where she is, for some dance, gala evening, or premiere at which he is going to see her, this friendContinue reading “Party overtures”

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