Something of a huge lie

Loneliness is a momentary occurrence in my life,

That is always showing up again,

Impossible to understand from the outside.

Yalnızlık, yaşamda bir an,

Hep yeniden başlayan…

Dışından anlaşılmaz.

And yet it’s also something of a huge lie,

Pursued though fended off…

Impossible to share.

Ya da kocaman bir yalan,

Kovdukça kovalayan…


In a dream state separated from you

It’s impossible to share our loneliness

Were it possible to share loneliness, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Bir düşünde, beni sana ayıran

Yalnızlık paylaşılmaz

Paylaşılsa yanlızlık olmaz.

Özdemir Asaf, “Yalnızlık” (English translation: E. Geddes)

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