This weather

Beni bu güzel havalar mahvetti,

This lovely weather ruined me,

Böyle havada istifa ettim

Evkaftaki memuriyetimden.

It was in weather like this

That I quit my old government job.

Tütüne böyle havada alıştım,

Böyle havada aşık oldum;

I got hooked on tobacco in weather just like this,

I fell in love in weather like this;

Eve ekmekle tuz götürmeyi

Böyle havalarda unuttum;

In weather like this I completely forgot

To pick up bread and salt to take home;

Şiir yazma hastalığım

Hep böyle havalarda nüksetti;

And in weather like this I always relapse

Into this sickness of writing;

Beni bu güzel havalar mahvetti.

This lovely weather ruined me.

Orhan Veli Kanık, “Güzel Havalar” (English translation: E. Geddes)

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