İlk rast geldiğimiz insan

How easily people can read each other!… And there I was, trying so hard to penetrate someone else’s mind, to find out if the soul hiding inside it was ordered or in turmoil.  For even the most wretched and simpleminded man could be a surprise, even a fool could have a soul whose torments wereContinue reading “İlk rast geldiğimiz insan”


1.The sound of nightingales, of ripening strawberriesthe weak morning teain his hand extended towards methe incited easebut we got used to living like culpritswhere, oh, where should one hide it Our souls which he closed we closed tightlytouched one another (for the first time?)flattening out the sea vanishedin a dream we were, if it weren’tContinue reading “Tea”

I will hide you

I will hide you, believe me In what I write, in what I draw In what I sing, in what I say. You will stay and no one will know And no one will see you, You will live in my eyes. You will see, you will hear The gleaming warmth of love, You willContinue reading “I will hide you”

Ağacım ben

I’m the tree. A tree unlike any other you’ve seen in the world. There is nothing at all to compare them. Not even two drops of water are alike. This world tries to make me other than I am. Still it’s me.   Another me: A tree’s shadow. Nothing is clear anyway. ‘Should we dwellContinue reading “Ağacım ben”

Kutsal oyuncaklar gibi

I woke to find myself filled with sound My face my eyes my mouth my nose my hands It was the sound of a sea-door opening The sound of the sun-hen shaking dust from her feathers The sound of a tooth-colored hawser creaking Of a trumpet in the shape of a tree Of tomorrow’s wheat,Continue reading “Kutsal oyuncaklar gibi”


When things do not go well You switch to the other time A star falls down to earth The ground suddenly shakes Children with dead eyes Waiting for a sun that will not rise There on the mountains Such snow and hard winds Until the forgotten Daffodil blooms Gülten Akın, “The Other Time” (English translation:Continue reading “Nergis”

Arkadaşınızın anlattığı hikaye yaşanmış olabilir, doğru değil

The story your friend told might have actually happened, but it’s not true. I, who, have seen everyone, have not been seen by anyone for many a year: deep under plaster they buried my fragile face, the most mysterious angel of the east. But I heard every single fragment of sound, I felt every movementContinue reading “Arkadaşınızın anlattığı hikaye yaşanmış olabilir, doğru değil”

Sustu kaldı, geriye geriye çekilerek

The woman is not in sight, not on either side, not on the balcony not on the lanai it seems she enclosed herself in loneliness the lounger, the book, her eye-glasses lay thereby she hushed and drew herself back she knows every dialogue changes something in our lives. Gülten Akın, “Don’t Hush” (English translation: GökçenurContinue reading “Sustu kaldı, geriye geriye çekilerek”

Bana yaşadığı kentin kumunu gönderen bir sevgilim vardı

I once had a lover who would send me the sand of the city he lived in but me I was always curious about the wind there was it soft or harsh, did it blow continuously did it rise up all of a sudden and scatter in the sky what it had grabbed from theContinue reading “Bana yaşadığı kentin kumunu gönderen bir sevgilim vardı”

Öyle dalmışım ki sormayın

Bread is in my lap, Stars are far, far away. I am eating bread looking at the stars. I am so engrossed, don’t even ask— Sometimes I get mixed up and instead of bread I eat stars. Oktay Rifat, “Bread and Stars” (English translation: Sidney Wade and Efe Murad) Ekmek dizimde Yıldızlar uzakta tâ uzaktaContinue reading “Öyle dalmışım ki sormayın”