Birbirine aşina duvarlar arasında

between the earth and sky tiny housesmurmuring rooms, half-open windowsutensils, chairs, a weary tablesmall habits, worn-out tastesa handful of dust, an afternoon shadowand time sitting proudly in a corner seat between walls familiar to one anotherso many belongings, so much anguish, so little lovea little bit of salt taken from the sea, a light-hearted feelingfrom theContinue reading “Birbirine aşina duvarlar arasında”

Her mültecinin içinde bir gül ağacı boylanır

Within every refugee there grows a rose tree –resilient, despite the heat and thirst. Imagine entire nations, borderless;this expansive resilience to prejudice It is not the longing –no, nor the sorrow.There was no resistance to either longing or sorrowwhen suddenly, without reason, they were cast aside.Lawless, stateless yet innocent still. Now the body of baroqueContinue reading “Her mültecinin içinde bir gül ağacı boylanır”

Aylardan nisansa

April It’s impossible To write poems If you’re in love; And not to, If the month is April. Desires and Memories Desires are different, So are memories. In a town where the sun doesn’t shine, Tell me, how can one live? Insects No use thinking, Just crave! See, that’s what the insects do. Invitation I’mContinue reading “Aylardan nisansa”

Ve sana söylemek istediğim en güzel söz

The most beautiful sea  hasn’t been crossed yet. The most beautiful child hasn’t grown up yet. The most beautiful days we haven’t seen yet. And the most beautiful words I wanted to tell you I haven’t said yet. Nazım Hikmet, “24 September 1945” (English translator unknown) En güzel deniz: henüz gidilmemiş olandır, En güzel çocuk:Continue reading “Ve sana söylemek istediğim en güzel söz”

Mesele esir düşmekte değil

I stand in the advancing light, my hands hungry, the world beautiful. My eyes can’t get enough of the trees — they’re so hopeful, so green. A sunny road runs through the mulberries, I’m at the window of the prison infirmary. I can’t smell the medicines — carnations must be blooming nearby. It’s this way:Continue reading “Mesele esir düşmekte değil”

I’m still touched by falling leaves

I’ve read about falling leaves in fifty thousand poems novels and so on watched leaves falling in fifty thousand movies seen leaves fall fifty thousand times fall drift and rot felt their dead shush shush fifty thousand times underfoot in my hands on my fingertips but I’m still touched by falling leaves especially those fallingContinue reading “I’m still touched by falling leaves”