Özgürlük bir rokettir, değil mi

Fourth of July by John Brehm Freedom is a rocket, isn’t it, Özgürlük bir rokettir, değil mi, burstingorgasmically overparkloads of hotdog devouringhuman beingsor into the citiesof our enemieswithout whom wewould surelykill ourselves though they areourselves andAmerica I see nowis the soldierwho said I sawsomethingburning on mychest and triedto brush it off withmy right handbut myContinue reading “Özgürlük bir rokettir, değil mi”

“Genelde şöyle gülerdin,” dedi ve taklidimi yaptı. 

We spent the morning by the pools and slides, had lunch and went over to the amusement park section, where we stayed the rest of the day.  I drove a bumper car with your brother, while your sisters had one each, and I rode the roller coaster with them, and we sat together in oneContinue reading ““Genelde şöyle gülerdin,” dedi ve taklidimi yaptı. “

Şiir Nefreti / The Hatred of Poetry

In ninth grade English, Mrs. X required us to memorize and recite a poem, so I went and asked the Topeka High librarian to direct me to the shortest poem she knew, and she suggested Marianne Moore’s “Poetry,” which, in the 1967 version, reads in its entirety: I, too, dislike it. Reading it, however, withContinue reading “Şiir Nefreti / The Hatred of Poetry”

Hele bir de yağmur yağdığında!

The garden had been planned so that it was in bloom constantly from early March to late August, and in this way the colours seemed to migrate slowly, depending on which flowers were due to bloom, as if they sprang from a wheel, I thought at times, a roulette wheel turning extremely slowly.  For aContinue reading “Hele bir de yağmur yağdığında!”

Driving towards Oskarshamn

I had only taken this route [along the coast] a couple of times before, and it felt as if I was driving through the outer reaches of my memory, where I never knew what the next stretch would look like but still recognized it as soon as it appeared. It was a little like readingContinue reading “Driving towards Oskarshamn”

Proust ve Niyet Edilmiş Hatırlama

When the book was published and the museum opened, the nature of the novel and the museum’s effect on visitors were often described as ‘Proustian.’ But I took this Proustian inspiration in a slightly different direction from what is usually understood by the term. The story Proust tells through the madeline is of an unconsciousContinue reading “Proust ve Niyet Edilmiş Hatırlama”

A day at the amusement park

Memory is a very interesting thing. I’ll tell you about a well-known experiment in psychology. They showed a group of people pictures from their childhood. Most pictures were of things that had really happened. One picture, of an amusement park, was phony. They planted images of the children in a photo of the park, whichContinue reading “A day at the amusement park”

My dungeon shook

There is no reason for you to try to become like white people and there is no basis whatever for their impertinent assumption that they must accept you. The really terrible thing, old buddy, is that you must accept them. And I mean that very seriously. You must accept them and accept them with love.Continue reading “My dungeon shook”