Le loriot

The oriole breached dawn’s capital town. The sword of his song closed the cheerless bed. All forever came to an end. René Char, “The Oriole” (English translation: Nancy Naomi Carlson) Le loriot entra dans la capitale de l’aube. L’épée de son chant ferma le lit triste. Tout à jamais pris fin. René Char, “Le Loriot”Continue reading “Le loriot”

(Anladınız ne demek istediğimi)

If it’s necessary to liken him to the Middle Ages, then he’s like one of those medieval travelers with scepter, sack cloth and a humble face. Like the prophets he studied the magical language in caves, made friends with Sufis, alchemists, Kabbalists, to foretell the future; he interpreted the Bible according to Iblis: he thoughtContinue reading “(Anladınız ne demek istediğimi)”