The whole summer

Bütün Yaz – The Whole Summer by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar How beautifully the whole summer passed, Nights in the little garden… You as white as lillies And a furtive thought,  As if in the moonlit night, There exists an impassable reverie To us it became a palace; To me it was like we’d been caged;Continue reading “The whole summer”

Ship that sleeps at the pier

Rıhtımda uyuyan gemi – Ship that sleeps at the pier by Ahmet Hamdi Tanıpar Ship that sleeps at the pier, Do you remember vastness, Rough waves, kelp, The whoosh of the water… If, in the morning hours one day, We get a call from Eternity, Should the ship’s anchor be raised, Should we set outContinue reading “Ship that sleeps at the pier”

You sleep in a spot in the shade

Her şey yerli yerinde – Everything is in its place by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Everything is in its place; the cypress above the pond In the distance the sound of a creaking wheel Objects seem as if reflections of a magical slumber Ivy and the hum of bugs hug the house Everything is in itsContinue reading “You sleep in a spot in the shade”