LİR, 11 – 14

LİR – LYRE by İlhan Berk 11. Anlaşılıveren şiirden hep kuşku duydum. Ben dünyaya imgeler olarak bakarım, öyle görürüm. (Çocuklar gibi.) İmgeler benim evimdir. I’m always suspicious of poems I understand. I look at the world as images, I see it that way. (Like children.) Images are my home. 12.   Ben şiiri her seferinde bozgunaContinue reading “LİR, 11 – 14”

Like a kiss we’d not been waiting for

Crescendo  by Tuğrul Tanyol music pouring through the open window tumbles onto the bare stones of the patio changes the colors of the stones to black and white a child playing on the stones chooses where to cast his footsteps the ground wobbles sometimes he jumps across a space as if leaping between joys theContinue reading “Like a kiss we’d not been waiting for”