Trash bins

Trash Bins (Çöp Bidonları) by Ayten Mutlu  they are arriving, one after the other, inopportunelyhaving traveled by candlelight since extinguishedthe invisible musicians of a losing battlesome have died while livingsome living with death they are drawing the rain’s sharpened sword as if building up dark spells where memories are erased from memories exhausted from notContinue reading “Trash bins”

Birbirine aşina duvarlar arasında

between the earth and sky tiny housesmurmuring rooms, half-open windowsutensils, chairs, a weary tablesmall habits, worn-out tastesa handful of dust, an afternoon shadowand time sitting proudly in a corner seat between walls familiar to one anotherso many belongings, so much anguish, so little lovea little bit of salt taken from the sea, a light-hearted feelingfrom theContinue reading “Birbirine aşina duvarlar arasında”