& Silk & Love & Flame

1. It all happenedbecause I am so afraid of flowing to you,this is why waterfalls also interest me. … the world was a depressing place, I didn’t love itswar films and samurai as I used to… was I consigningmyself to a vacuum … were wires scratching my skinand hurting me… I was getting usedto myContinue reading “& Silk & Love & Flame”

Ormanın korkunçluğunu söyledim

I won’t talk anymore, I won’t say harsh words in the morning  for a dream I embroider a flower of pearl on my bosom. I never knew what you understood from my words,  I spoke the forest’s frightfulness, the plain’s tranquility, silenced you slept a long sleep, I saw the dream. Unceasingly I spoke of aContinue reading “Ormanın korkunçluğunu söyledim”