The Trial

From Breon Mitchell, Translator’s Preface to Kafka’s The Trial (The Schocken Kafka Library): “The power of Kafka’s text lies in the language, in a nuanced use of the discourses of law, religion, and the theater, and in particular in a closely woven web of linguistic motifs that must be rendered consistently to achieve their fullContinue reading “The Trial”

Wuthering Heights

“Historians of literary translation have often noted a strange phenomenon: although an original text still gives us pleasure even centuries after it was written, almost all translations age quickly.  Why translations should be more time-bound than literary works of art remains a mystery…” -Breon Mitchell From Wuthering Heights: …I know, by instinct, his reserve springsContinue reading “Wuthering Heights”

Two steps

“Can’t you see two steps in front of you?” — Franz Kafka, The Trial (English translation: Breon Mitchell) “İki adım ötesini göremiyor musun sen?” (Çeviren: Funda Reşit) Painting by Deniz Ateşböceği