& Silk & Love & Flame

1. It all happenedbecause I am so afraid of flowing to you,this is why waterfalls also interest me. … the world was a depressing place, I didn’t love itswar films and samurai as I used to… was I consigningmyself to a vacuum … were wires scratching my skinand hurting me… I was getting usedto myContinue reading “& Silk & Love & Flame”

İlk rast geldiğimiz insan

How easily people can read each other!… And there I was, trying so hard to penetrate someone else’s mind, to find out if the soul hiding inside it was ordered or in turmoil.  For even the most wretched and simpleminded man could be a surprise, even a fool could have a soul whose torments wereContinue reading “İlk rast geldiğimiz insan”


1.The sound of nightingales, of ripening strawberriesthe weak morning teain his hand extended towards methe incited easebut we got used to living like culpritswhere, oh, where should one hide it Our souls which he closed we closed tightlytouched one another (for the first time?)flattening out the sea vanishedin a dream we were, if it weren’tContinue reading “Tea”

Bir perde gibi

For a long time, I went to bed early.  Sometimes, my candle scarcely out, my eyes would close so quickly that I did not have time to say to myself: “I’m falling asleep.”  And, half an hour later, the thought that it was time to try to sleep would wake me; I wanted to putContinue reading “Bir perde gibi”

Öylesine, yaşama’dan önce

I thought so intensely of you, Before this life, just so. As if there were nothing more. But I say you were there In my thoughts. Just so I found you, Just so, beyond my self. You alone without shadow, Unmoving, beside me. Your whites between black, The light in your dark centers. I wantedContinue reading “Öylesine, yaşama’dan önce”

Bir kahraman bulmak

We rarely seek that which we do not expect to find.  Send a hero into a lion’s den, and his task is clear.  It is a hero of another order who can summon up the courage to lower himself into a well of which we have no knowledge. Sabahattin Ali, Madonna in a Fur CoatContinue reading “Bir kahraman bulmak”

Find Gardeners Two and Five and Gardener Seven

Alice biraz çekinerek, “O gülleri neden boyadığınızı lütfen söyler misiniz?” diye sordu. Beş ve Yedi ağızlarını açmayarak İki’ye baktılar.  İki, hafif bir sesle anlatmaya başladı.  “Durum şu küçük hanım.  Burada kırmızı gül ağacı olması gerekiyordu.  Biz yanlışlıkla burası beyaz olanını diktik.  Yani, eğer Kraliçe işi fark ederse hepimizin kafasını kestirir.” Lewis Carroll, Alice Harikalar Diyarında,Continue reading “Find Gardeners Two and Five and Gardener Seven”

Kutsal oyuncaklar gibi

I woke to find myself filled with sound My face my eyes my mouth my nose my hands It was the sound of a sea-door opening The sound of the sun-hen shaking dust from her feathers The sound of a tooth-colored hawser creaking Of a trumpet in the shape of a tree Of tomorrow’s wheat,Continue reading “Kutsal oyuncaklar gibi”

Birbirine aşina duvarlar arasında

between the earth and sky tiny housesmurmuring rooms, half-open windowsutensils, chairs, a weary tablesmall habits, worn-out tastesa handful of dust, an afternoon shadowand time sitting proudly in a corner seat between walls familiar to one anotherso many belongings, so much anguish, so little lovea little bit of salt taken from the sea, a light-hearted feelingfrom theContinue reading “Birbirine aşina duvarlar arasında”

Aylardan nisansa

April It’s impossible To write poems If you’re in love; And not to, If the month is April. Desires and Memories Desires are different, So are memories. In a town where the sun doesn’t shine, Tell me, how can one live? Insects No use thinking, Just crave! See, that’s what the insects do. Invitation I’mContinue reading “Aylardan nisansa”