Image thief

Ayna (Mirror) by Asaf Halet Çelebi bana aynada bir suret göründü an image appeared to me in the mirror benden başkası other than myself bilmem memleket-i çînden midir I don’t know of what land, maybe China? ya mâçînden mi or maybe beyond China? sordum kimsin diye who are you, I asked bir kahkaha atıp aContinue reading “Image thief”

Sustu kaldı, geriye geriye çekilerek

The woman is not in sight, not on either side, not on the balcony not on the lanai it seems she enclosed herself in loneliness the lounger, the book, her eye-glasses lay thereby she hushed and drew herself back she knows every dialogue changes something in our lives. Gülten Akın, “Don’t Hush” (English translation: GökçenurContinue reading “Sustu kaldı, geriye geriye çekilerek”