Kutsal oyuncaklar gibi

I woke to find myself filled with sound My face my eyes my mouth my nose my hands It was the sound of a sea-door opening The sound of the sun-hen shaking dust from her feathers The sound of a tooth-colored hawser creaking Of a trumpet in the shape of a tree Of tomorrow’s wheat,Continue reading “Kutsal oyuncaklar gibi”

Öyle dalmışım ki sormayın

Bread is in my lap, Stars are far, far away. I am eating bread looking at the stars. I am so engrossed, don’t even ask— Sometimes I get mixed up and instead of bread I eat stars. Oktay Rifat, “Bread and Stars” (English translation: Sidney Wade and Efe Murad) Ekmek dizimde Yıldızlar uzakta tâ uzaktaContinue reading “Öyle dalmışım ki sormayın”