Proust ve Niyet Edilmiş Hatırlama

When the book was published and the museum opened, the nature of the novel and the museum’s effect on visitors were often described as ‘Proustian.’ But I took this Proustian inspiration in a slightly different direction from what is usually understood by the term. The story Proust tells through the madeline is of an unconsciousContinue reading “Proust ve Niyet Edilmiş Hatırlama”

A day at the amusement park

Memory is a very interesting thing. I’ll tell you about a well-known experiment in psychology. They showed a group of people pictures from their childhood. Most pictures were of things that had really happened. One picture, of an amusement park, was phony. They planted images of the children in a photo of the park, whichContinue reading “A day at the amusement park”