Le loriot

The oriole breached dawn’s capital town. The sword of his song closed the cheerless bed. All forever came to an end. René Char, “The Oriole” (English translation: Nancy Naomi Carlson) Le loriot entra dans la capitale de l’aube. L’épée de son chant ferma le lit triste. Tout à jamais pris fin. René Char, “Le Loriot”Continue reading “Le loriot”

Bir perde gibi

For a long time, I went to bed early.  Sometimes, my candle scarcely out, my eyes would close so quickly that I did not have time to say to myself: “I’m falling asleep.”  And, half an hour later, the thought that it was time to try to sleep would wake me; I wanted to putContinue reading “Bir perde gibi”