Kimse durduramaz yağmurunu

Sardunya by Gülten Akın May we remember the rule: For the sowers of seeds, for the planters of saplings No one can stop the rain No one can block the sun I am sowing basil, I am planting geraniums They’re bold, says my neighbor Even when you no longer want them Their seeds will lingerContinue reading “Kimse durduramaz yağmurunu”


1.The sound of nightingales, of ripening strawberriesthe weak morning teain his hand extended towards methe incited easebut we got used to living like culpritswhere, oh, where should one hide it Our souls which he closed we closed tightlytouched one another (for the first time?)flattening out the sea vanishedin a dream we were, if it weren’tContinue reading “Tea”


When things do not go well You switch to the other time A star falls down to earth The ground suddenly shakes Children with dead eyes Waiting for a sun that will not rise There on the mountains Such snow and hard winds Until the forgotten Daffodil blooms Gülten Akın, “The Other Time” (English translation:Continue reading “Nergis”

Sustu kaldı, geriye geriye çekilerek

The woman is not in sight, not on either side, not on the balcony not on the lanai it seems she enclosed herself in loneliness the lounger, the book, her eye-glasses lay thereby she hushed and drew herself back she knows every dialogue changes something in our lives. Gülten Akın, “Don’t Hush” (English translation: GökçenurContinue reading “Sustu kaldı, geriye geriye çekilerek”

Bana yaşadığı kentin kumunu gönderen bir sevgilim vardı

I once had a lover who would send me the sand of the city he lived in but me I was always curious about the wind there was it soft or harsh, did it blow continuously did it rise up all of a sudden and scatter in the sky what it had grabbed from theContinue reading “Bana yaşadığı kentin kumunu gönderen bir sevgilim vardı”

Her mültecinin içinde bir gül ağacı boylanır

Within every refugee there grows a rose tree –resilient, despite the heat and thirst. Imagine entire nations, borderless;this expansive resilience to prejudice It is not the longing –no, nor the sorrow.There was no resistance to either longing or sorrowwhen suddenly, without reason, they were cast aside.Lawless, stateless yet innocent still. Now the body of baroqueContinue reading “Her mültecinin içinde bir gül ağacı boylanır”