As you appear to be

from Rumi: Güneş gibi ol şefkatte, merhamette Be like the sun in your compassion and mercy Gece gibi ol ayıpları örtmekte Be like the night and provide cover for the shame of others Akarsu gibi ol keremde, cömertlikte Be like a stream of kindness and generosity Ölü gibi ol öfkede, asabiyette Be like death toContinue reading “As you appear to be”

Ruining your concentration

“I remember the first day you came to the exhibition.  You were strolling through the gallery looking rather bored, when you suddenly stopped in front of my portrait.  You looked at it so strangely!  Everyone around you noticed.   “Sizi sergiye ilk geldiğiniz günden beri hatırlıyorum.  Canınız sıkılmış gibi dolaşırken birdenbire benim portremin önünde durdunuz…Continue reading “Ruining your concentration”

Kaba saba bir Latinceyle uyandım

I …sentences began with Syrian merchants.Much later I opened a window facing the river.A wounded woodcock came in. I woke to the sounds of rough Latin. II We fell from the middle of a book, medium-sized sentences in search of our place, in a city we didn’t know (for the city’s name was nowhere toContinue reading “Kaba saba bir Latinceyle uyandım”

Bir perde gibi

For a long time, I went to bed early.  Sometimes, my candle scarcely out, my eyes would close so quickly that I did not have time to say to myself: “I’m falling asleep.”  And, half an hour later, the thought that it was time to try to sleep would wake me; I wanted to putContinue reading “Bir perde gibi”

I will hide you

I will hide you, believe me In what I write, in what I draw In what I sing, in what I say. You will stay and no one will know And no one will see you, You will live in my eyes. You will see, you will hear The gleaming warmth of love, You willContinue reading “I will hide you”

Öylesine, yaşama’dan önce

I thought so intensely of you, Before this life, just so. As if there were nothing more. But I say you were there In my thoughts. Just so I found you, Just so, beyond my self. You alone without shadow, Unmoving, beside me. Your whites between black, The light in your dark centers. I wantedContinue reading “Öylesine, yaşama’dan önce”