Özgürlük bir rokettir, değil mi

Fourth of July by John Brehm Freedom is a rocket, isn’t it, Özgürlük bir rokettir, değil mi, burstingorgasmically overparkloads of hotdog devouringhuman beingsor into the citiesof our enemieswithout whom wewould surelykill ourselves though they areourselves andAmerica I see nowis the soldierwho said I sawsomethingburning on mychest and triedto brush it off withmy right handbut myContinue reading “Özgürlük bir rokettir, değil mi”

“Genelde şöyle gülerdin,” dedi ve taklidimi yaptı. 

We spent the morning by the pools and slides, had lunch and went over to the amusement park section, where we stayed the rest of the day.  I drove a bumper car with your brother, while your sisters had one each, and I rode the roller coaster with them, and we sat together in oneContinue reading ““Genelde şöyle gülerdin,” dedi ve taklidimi yaptı. “