To Keep Myself Busy by Orhan Veli Kanık All the beautiful women thoughtEvery love poem I wroteWas written for them,And I always felt terribleKnowing that I wrote themJust to keep myself busy. İş Olsun Diye Bütün güzel kadınlar zannettiler ki; Aşk üstüne yazdığım her şiir Kendileri için yazılmıştır. Bense daima üzüntüsünü çektim. Onları iş olsunContinue reading “Busy”


1.The sound of nightingales, of ripening strawberriesthe weak morning teain his hand extended towards methe incited easebut we got used to living like culpritswhere, oh, where should one hide it Our souls which he closed we closed tightlytouched one another (for the first time?)flattening out the sea vanishedin a dream we were, if it weren’tContinue reading “Tea”

Arkadaşınızın anlattığı hikaye yaşanmış olabilir, doğru değil

The story your friend told might have actually happened, but it’s not true. I, who, have seen everyone, have not been seen by anyone for many a year: deep under plaster they buried my fragile face, the most mysterious angel of the east. But I heard every single fragment of sound, I felt every movementContinue reading “Arkadaşınızın anlattığı hikaye yaşanmış olabilir, doğru değil”

Bana yaşadığı kentin kumunu gönderen bir sevgilim vardı

I once had a lover who would send me the sand of the city he lived in but me I was always curious about the wind there was it soft or harsh, did it blow continuously did it rise up all of a sudden and scatter in the sky what it had grabbed from theContinue reading “Bana yaşadığı kentin kumunu gönderen bir sevgilim vardı”