The Trial

From Breon Mitchell, Translator’s Preface to Kafka’s The Trial (The Schocken Kafka Library): “The power of Kafka’s text lies in the language, in a nuanced use of the discourses of law, religion, and the theater, and in particular in a closely woven web of linguistic motifs that must be rendered consistently to achieve their fullContinue reading “The Trial”

Whoever risks fighting monsters

Her kim bir canavarla çarpışmayı göze alırsa, bir canavar olmayı da göze alın.  Çünkü karanlığı uzun süre bakarsınız, karanlık da sizin içinize bakmaya başlar.  Whoever risks fighting monsters risks becoming a monster.  For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also begins gazing into you. Nietzsche