Remembering snow before it arrives

Snow memory from Guy de Maupassant: A curtain of uninterrupted white flakes constantly sparkled in its descent to the ground. It effaced forms, and powdered everything with a downy moss. And nothing could be heard in the great silence. The town was calm, and buried under the wintry frost, as this fall of snow, unnamableContinue reading “Remembering snow before it arrives”


Por las ramas del laurel vi dos palomas oscuras. La una era el sol, la otra la luna. In the branches of the laurel tree I saw two dark doves One was the sun and one the moon İki karanlık güvercin gördümdefne dalları arasındaBiri güneşti,öteki ay «Vecinita», les dije, «¿dónde está mi sepultura?» «En miContinue reading “Lorca”

The word is friendly

“Turkish is like English from England. You can tell from the way that somebody is speaking what social class they’re from, what region of the country they are from, and that’s it…  You can hear it in the speech and in certain grammatical constructions.  American English is also sort of like that.  It would beContinue reading “The word is friendly”

Hannah Arendt & René Char 

Excerpted from Hannah Arendt by Samantha Rose Hill: Arendt was demanding, unapologetic, and opinionated.  She was not a feminist, a Marxist, a liberal, a conservative, Democrat, or Republican.  She loved the world and accepted what she understood to be the fundamental elements of the human condition: we do not exist alone, we are all differentContinue reading “Hannah Arendt & René Char “

Whoever risks fighting monsters

Her kim bir canavarla çarpışmayı göze alırsa, bir canavar olmayı da göze alın.  Çünkü karanlığı uzun süre bakarsınız, karanlık da sizin içinize bakmaya başlar.  Whoever risks fighting monsters risks becoming a monster.  For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also begins gazing into you. Nietzsche 

Deck passengers

Büyük İnsanlik by Nazım Hikmet The Great Humanity The great humanity travels as deck passengers by ship By train in third class By foot on the roads Great humanity. Büyük insanlık gemide güverte yolcusutirende üçüncü mevkişosede yayanbüyük insanlık. The great humanity goes to work at age eight Marries at twenty Dies at forty Great humanity. BüyükContinue reading “Deck passengers”

Stalactite – Damlataşı

Stalactite – Damlataşı by Karin Karakaşlı Should tears grow larger Will they form stalactites? You know, like in caves where for fifteen years Drip drip flowing and freezing Freezing mid-flow Gözyaşını büyütüncedamlataşı olur mu?Hani şu mağarada on beş yıldamla damla akıp donanDonup akan You’d be surprised by how stone lives I once saw a stone’sContinue reading “Stalactite – Damlataşı”