Keep your ontological distance

Ontological Distance by Karin Karakaşlı When you see me, take a step back Let’s keep our ontological distance Could be that you’ll find yourself overwhelmed By the truth of your soul And won’t be able to get past the feeling In fact, in order to have a pretext, You really always need distance To makeContinue reading “Keep your ontological distance”

Unfortunately, it was paradise

We Journey Towards a Home by Mahmoud Darwish We journey towards a home not of our flesh. Its chestnut trees are not of our bones. Its rocks are not like goats in the mountain hymn. The pebbles’ eyes are not lilies. We journey towards a home that does not halo our heads with a specialContinue reading “Unfortunately, it was paradise”

LİR, 7 – 8

LİR – LYRE by İlhan Berk 7. Sözün silindiği; anlamı da saptamanın nerdeyse olanaksız olduğu yerdedir şiir. O yer hem de yok gibidir. Dil burda susmuştur çünkü. Bir şey söylemiyordur. Seziliyor, gibidir ancak. The poem is where the word disappears, the place where it is almost impossible to fix a meaning. A place, as ifContinue reading “LİR, 7 – 8”

Like a kiss we’d not been waiting for

Crescendo  by Tuğrul Tanyol music pouring through the open window tumbles onto the bare stones of the patio changes the colors of the stones to black and white a child playing on the stones chooses where to cast his footsteps the ground wobbles sometimes he jumps across a space as if leaping between joys theContinue reading “Like a kiss we’d not been waiting for”

The whole summer

Bütün Yaz – The Whole Summer by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar How beautifully the whole summer passed, Nights in the little garden… You as white as lillies And a furtive thought,  As if in the moonlit night, There exists an impassable reverie To us it became a palace; To me it was like we’d been caged;Continue reading “The whole summer”

In a flash

Birdenbire – Suddenly by Orhan Veli Kanık Everything happened in a flash. Suddenly sunlight struck the earth; All at once there was sky; Suddenly blue. Everything happened in a flash; Suddenly fumes rose from the earth; All at once there were buds and sprouts. Suddenly fruit. In a flash;  In a flash;  Suddenly everything existed.Continue reading “In a flash”

As you appear to be

from Rumi: Güneş gibi ol şefkatte, merhamette Be like the sun in your compassion and mercy Gece gibi ol ayıpları örtmekte Be like the night and provide cover for the shame of others Akarsu gibi ol keremde, cömertlikte Be like a stream of kindness and generosity Ölü gibi ol öfkede, asabiyette Be like death toContinue reading “As you appear to be”

Image thief

Ayna (Mirror) by Asaf Halet Çelebi bana aynada bir suret göründü an image appeared to me in the mirror benden başkası other than myself bilmem memleket-i çînden midir I don’t know of what land, maybe China? ya mâçînden mi or maybe beyond China? sordum kimsin diye who are you, I asked bir kahkaha atıp aContinue reading “Image thief”

Ship that sleeps at the pier

Rıhtımda uyuyan gemi – Ship that sleeps at the pier by Ahmet Hamdi Tanıpar Ship that sleeps at the pier, Do you remember vastness, Rough waves, kelp, The whoosh of the water… If, in the morning hours one day, We get a call from Eternity, Should the ship’s anchor be raised, Should we set outContinue reading “Ship that sleeps at the pier”

You sleep in a spot in the shade

Her şey yerli yerinde – Everything is in its place by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Everything is in its place; the cypress above the pond In the distance the sound of a creaking wheel Objects seem as if reflections of a magical slumber Ivy and the hum of bugs hug the house Everything is in itsContinue reading “You sleep in a spot in the shade”