Sabahattin Ali makes melodrama sort of charming

Çocuklar Gibi – Like Children by Sabahattin Ali Bende hiç tükenmez bir hayat vardıKırlara yayılan ilkbahar gibiKalbim hiç durmadan hızla çarpardıGöğsümün içinde ateş var gibi My life was one that never faded out Like expanses of prairie in the spring My heart beat quickly and ceaselessly As if I had a fire within my breastContinue reading “Sabahattin Ali makes melodrama sort of charming”

Ruining your concentration

“I remember the first day you came to the exhibition.  You were strolling through the gallery looking rather bored, when you suddenly stopped in front of my portrait.  You looked at it so strangely!  Everyone around you noticed.   “Sizi sergiye ilk geldiğiniz günden beri hatırlıyorum.  Canınız sıkılmış gibi dolaşırken birdenbire benim portremin önünde durdunuz…Continue reading “Ruining your concentration”

İlk rast geldiğimiz insan

How easily people can read each other!… And there I was, trying so hard to penetrate someone else’s mind, to find out if the soul hiding inside it was ordered or in turmoil.  For even the most wretched and simpleminded man could be a surprise, even a fool could have a soul whose torments wereContinue reading “İlk rast geldiğimiz insan”

Bir kahraman bulmak

We rarely seek that which we do not expect to find.  Send a hero into a lion’s den, and his task is clear.  It is a hero of another order who can summon up the courage to lower himself into a well of which we have no knowledge. Sabahattin Ali, Madonna in a Fur CoatContinue reading “Bir kahraman bulmak”