Ship that sleeps at the pier

Rıhtımda uyuyan gemi – Ship that sleeps at the pier by Ahmet Hamdi Tanıpar Ship that sleeps at the pier, Do you remember vastness, Rough waves, kelp, The whoosh of the water… If, in the morning hours one day, We get a call from Eternity, Should the ship’s anchor be raised, Should we set outContinue reading “Ship that sleeps at the pier”

Figs + Salvador Dalí

Figs – İncirler by Edna St. Vincent Millay  First Fig – Birinci İncir My candle burns at both ends; Mumum iki ucundan yakıyor; It will not last the night; Sabaha kadar tutunamıyor; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— Ama valla, düşmanlarım,  ve valla, arkadaşlarım —  It gives a lovely light! Ne güzel korlaşıyor!Continue reading “Figs + Salvador Dalí”