Alexandrian Library

The heart of the Alexandrian Library was its collection of books.  The organizers combed all the cultures and languages of the world.  They sent agents abroad to buy up libraries.  Commercial ships docking in Alexandria were searched by the police — not for contraband, but for books.  The scrolls were borrowed, copied, and then returnedContinue reading “Alexandrian Library”

Spirits of another sort

PUCK My fairy lord, this must be done with haste, For night’s swift dragons cut the clouds full fast, And yonder shines Aurora’s harbinger; At whose approach, ghosts, wandering here and there, Troop home to church-yards: damned spirit all, That in cross-ways and floods have burial, Already to their wormy beds are gone; For fearContinue reading “Spirits of another sort”

Those be rubies

Over hill, over dale, Thorough bush, thorough brier, Over park, over pale, Thorough flood, thorough fire, I do wander every where, Swifter than the moon’s sphere; And I serve the fairy queen, To dew her orbs upon the green: The cowslips tell her pensioners be; In their gold coats spots you see; Those be rubies,Continue reading “Those be rubies”

12th night

II.iv.75 Now, the melancholy god protect thee, and  the tailor make thy doublet of changeable  taffeta, for thy mind is a very opal.  I would  have men of such constancy put to sea, that  their business might be everything and their  intent everywhere; for that’s it that always  makes a good voyage of nothing. HüzünlerContinue reading “12th night”

If we shadows have offended

If we shadows have offended,  Think but this, and all is mended, — That you have but slumbered here, While these visions did appear. Biz gölgeler incittikse sizi, bir düşünün ve hoş görün bizi. Hayaller arz-ı endam ederken siz de kestiriyordunuz ufaktan… Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream