Ağacım ben

I’m the tree. A tree unlike any other you’ve seen in the world. There is nothing at all to compare them. Not even two drops of water are alike. This world tries to make me other than I am. Still it’s me.   Another me: A tree’s shadow. Nothing is clear anyway. ‘Should we dwellContinue reading “Ağacım ben”

“Genelde şöyle gülerdin,” dedi ve taklidimi yaptı. 

We spent the morning by the pools and slides, had lunch and went over to the amusement park section, where we stayed the rest of the day.  I drove a bumper car with your brother, while your sisters had one each, and I rode the roller coaster with them, and we sat together in oneContinue reading ““Genelde şöyle gülerdin,” dedi ve taklidimi yaptı. “

Kendini kandırmak

I have grown more deterministic over the years, more and more often I think that one doesn’t really have a choice, that who you are shapes your response to the situations that arise, and that you become who you are in response to the situations you have found yourself in and had to deal withContinue reading “Kendini kandırmak”

Hele bir de yağmur yağdığında!

The garden had been planned so that it was in bloom constantly from early March to late August, and in this way the colours seemed to migrate slowly, depending on which flowers were due to bloom, as if they sprang from a wheel, I thought at times, a roulette wheel turning extremely slowly.  For aContinue reading “Hele bir de yağmur yağdığında!”

It had always sounded here, whether there were people to hear it or not

How all sounds seemed far away, which made the silence there in the meadow seem conspicuous, almost penetrating. The sea opening up before us as we walked along carrying parasols and bags, how our gait changed as we stepped onto the beach and the sand gave way with each step, so that every movement forwardContinue reading “It had always sounded here, whether there were people to hear it or not”

Driving towards Oskarshamn

I had only taken this route [along the coast] a couple of times before, and it felt as if I was driving through the outer reaches of my memory, where I never knew what the next stretch would look like but still recognized it as soon as it appeared. It was a little like readingContinue reading “Driving towards Oskarshamn”

…that is April: buds, shoots, uncertainty, hesitation.

Now there was still something frugal about it all, the landscape lacked the deep fullness that came with summer, the green of the trees was still merely a tinge, for that is April: buds, shoots, uncertainty, hesitation. April lies between the great sleep and the great leap. April is the longing for something else, whereContinue reading “…that is April: buds, shoots, uncertainty, hesitation.”