Alexandrian Library

The heart of the Alexandrian Library was its collection of books.  The organizers combed all the cultures and languages of the world.  They sent agents abroad to buy up libraries.  Commercial ships docking in Alexandria were searched by the police — not for contraband, but for books.  The scrolls were borrowed, copied, and then returnedContinue reading “Alexandrian Library”

Hannah Arendt & René Char 

Excerpted from Hannah Arendt by Samantha Rose Hill: Arendt was demanding, unapologetic, and opinionated.  She was not a feminist, a Marxist, a liberal, a conservative, Democrat, or Republican.  She loved the world and accepted what she understood to be the fundamental elements of the human condition: we do not exist alone, we are all differentContinue reading “Hannah Arendt & René Char “

Düşünce ile pratik arasındaki bu bariz ayrılık

Excerpt below is from Hegel & Haiti by Susan Buck-Morss Çeviren: Erkal Ünal By the eighteenth century, slavery had become the root metaphor of Western political philosophy, connoting everything that was evil about power relations.  Freedom, its conceptual antithesis, was considered by Enlightenment thinkers as the highest and universal political value.  Yet this political metaphorContinue reading “Düşünce ile pratik arasındaki bu bariz ayrılık”